Terms & Conditions

nk-sportswear.com (organization number 918781951).

Prices include VAT of 25%. Customers with addresses in Svalbard or abroad are free of charge on nk-sportswear.com

If you are under 18 years old, you must have a guardian / guardian’s permission to book with us.

Unpatched packages

For all unpacked packages we charge a fee of 250 kr. This is equivalent to the cost of sending the package to you (shipping fee, return shipping and handling).

If you have reprimanded when the package has been sent from us, you need to pick up the package at the place of delivery and return it to us.

nk-sportswear.com accepts the right to raise purchases if we suspect fraud / fraud.


For the sake of our customers, we have, in consultation with our safety expert, implemented the following procedures to increase the safety of purchases.

Our internal security system will be notified if an order is suspected of fraud. The security system is based on different parameters set by our security expert and our partners.

If the security system alerts us, we choose not to deliver the current order. Occasionally, this may mean that an order that is completely in order is stopped. We hope you as a customer understand this as it concerns your safety.

Fraud / fraud is reported to police and followed by our security partner.

Delivery of orders with high value is always delivered to the nearest delivery point.

nk-sportswear.com is a serious e-store that only concludes agreements with authorized persons or minors with the guardian’s approval.

Binding purchase agreement can only be concluded with people over 15 years, credit purchases can only be made with persons over 18 years old.

If we consider that minors act without the consent of a guardian, we accept the right to refrain from sending out items and blocking the customer account of that person.

Please note that we use the Ve Interactive software to register email addresses, which means that you agree that your email address will be saved if you fill in it and that we can send you any emails to investigate why You did not finish your registration.

Your safety is important to us and all data processing is done according to the Personal Information Act (PUL).

Order confirmation

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email with information about your order. Always check the order confirmation so that everything looks correct.

Should you be wondering, contact customer service as soon as possible.

Please take care of your order confirmation so that you have it with any questions regarding customer service.

If you contact customer service, it is good to have a customer number or order number as a reference.

If you want to change or cancel an order, please contact customer service immediately.

Sales and offers

The prices of sales goods apply as long as the item is in stock. Other offers apply as long as the item is in stock if no end date has been specified.

We reserve ourselves for the product to be sold out and for price errors that may occur.


nk-sportswear.com sends all their packages with Postnord.

If the product is damaged or lost during shipment to the customer, nk-sportswear.com is responsible, but you must report as soon as you discover damage.

You must also contact customer service for damaged / lost package within 14 days.


nk-sportswear.com has 30 days orders return polcy.

nk-sportswear.com can at any time deny individual customers free returns. Underwear, however, can not be exchanged.

When trying your clothes, consider it important that you are careful about deodorant, makeup and perfumes.

If you want to return the garment to us, the garment must be in its original condition without odors and stains.